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Seica Aerial M4 Flying Probe

Vintage: 2010
Software Revision: VIVA
Details: 220v; Thermal Imaging Package
Condition: Complete and Operational, available for inspection prior to shipment
Location: North America
Availability: Immediate For Purchase

Seica Aerial M4 Flying Probe

Vintage: 2009
• Maximum Test Area : 16.5” x 24”
• 4 complete independent mobile test probes
• 8 stepper motors with integrated encoders
• 4 stepper motors for axis control
• 2 UUT clamps with manual load and unload
• 1 operator control panel
• 2 CCD Cameras (black & white)
• 1 SCAFP test channel board
• 1 ACL Measurement Instrument board
• 1 PAMOC Computer Control board
• 1 Expansion board
• Pentium PC, Windows XP
• US/Canada System Input Power 120 VAC 30A
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: USA/FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate for Purchase

Seica S20 Flying Probe

Vintage: 2003
Operating System: Windows XP
Details: 2 Topside Probes
Condition: Complete & operational
Location & Shipping: Tampa, FL / FOB
Availability: Immediate for purchase

SPEA 4040 Flying Probe

Vintage: 2006
Operating system: Windows 7
Software: Leonardo 2.3 XA
• 4040 Multimode SBL; STD Speed; High Accuracy ; 500x400mm (20×16″)
• Board locking system with PCB height compensator for SBL 100
• Automatic Tester Interface for SBL predisposed for 1040 TP
• Arm for LCD monitor and keyboard
• System power supply; three phase; 208V
• Internal graphic printer; 24 lines / sec
• Local Area Network System connection with RJ45, driver and Lan interface for 4040
• V/I Generator; Precision Driver, 4Q, ±10V, ±1A
• V/I Generator; Voltage Booster, 4Q, ±80V, ±1A
• Electro Scan on two moving heads, captors on heads 2/3, (HW + SW)
• Automatic optical test, alignment, rotation and presence. Test area 11x9mm
Condition: Complete & Operational, well maintained. System is in use, and can be demonstrated, with a business agreement in place.
Location & Shipping: North America/FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate.

Spea 4060 Flying Probe

Vintage: 2011
Operating System & Software: Leonardo 2.60 / PN FLY-YA
• 4 Top side probes
• 8 magnetic board supports
• 208v – 3ph – 50/60 hz
• CE marked
Condition: Complete & Operation- Under service contract with OEM since purchase. Available for inspection.
Location & Shipping: USA / FOB
Availability: Immediate for purchase

Takaya 8400 CJ Flying Probe

Model: APT-8400CJ
Description: Flying Probe
Vintage: 2000
Operating System: Windows XP
Software Revision: TOS 4.1-1A
Condition: Complete and Operational, available for inspection prior to shipment
Location: Lewis & Clark, Tampa FL
Availability: Immediate For Purchase

Takaya 9401-CJ Flying Probe

Model: 9401-CJ
DOM: 11/2004
Operating system/sw level: Windows XP SP3/ 5.0-1b
Configuration Details:
• TOS-4 (PCI-TYPE) V2.3.2
• IC opens
Condition: Complete and Operational. Available for inspection prior to shipment.
Location/Shipping: USA/EXW
Availability: Immediately for purchase.

Takaya APT1400-F Flying Probe Test System

Vintage: 2015
• Test boards up to 19” x 21”
• Six (4 angled & 2 Vertical) Moving Probes Topside
• Three Manually Placed Probes Bottom-side
• Color TOS Takaya Premium Optical System
• IC opens Subsystem with Dual Sensors, which can be manually exchanged with Vertical Probes
• Two 4-Quadrant DC Source-and-Measurements Units
• Programmable AC Generator (sine- & square-wave)
• System PC with Windows 7 O/S and Takaya Windows Software
• Color Real Map Software
• Flat-Panel LED Systems Monitor
• System Printer