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Air-Vac Onyx 29 Rework Station

Make: Air-Vac

Model:  Onyx

Vintage:  2006


  • Standard Onyx 29 Automated Assembly
  • Linear Air Knife Air Cooling System
  • Fume Extraction (as depicted in photos below)
  • Automated Component Pick up Shuttle
  • Workstation DRS Custom with CPU Stand
  • Dispenser (as depicted in photos below)
  • Table Top Vacuum Source
  • Updated Computer and software added by OEM in 2016

Condition:  As is Where is, working.  Available for onsite inspection

Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin



Airvac DRS25 Rework Station

Vintage:  2008

Type:  Lead free Capable Rework system

Condition: Complete and Operational, available for inspection, under power.

Availability:  Immediate for purchase, with a 2-3 week lead time for shipment.

Location/Shipping:  Lewis and Clark NH/FOB

Martin Dotliner 06.6 and Rework Dispenser

Vintage: 2010
• CCD Axes System
• Easy Dispense 05 Software WIN PC DVD
• Magnifier 6X for Dot Liner
• (2) Nozzles for pitch .06-1.5
• Max PCB 370mm x 500mm
• 14,000 Dots Per hour
• 230/115v
Condition: Complete and operational. Operational Video available
Availability: Immediate for purchase.

OK International/ Metcal APR-5000 Array Package Rework Station

• Max PCB Dimensions 250mm x 230mm
• PCB Thickness 0.5 – 2.0mm
• Component types BGA, CPS, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF, Bumped chip
• Airflow 8-24 LPM
• Pre-heater base
• Heater element 350W top, 1.5W bottom
• Desktop PC and monitor
• Software
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: North America / FOB Origin.
Availability: Immediate for purchase