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Cencorp 1300 BR Router

Vintage: 2012
• Under board high speed routing unit
• Linear mother driven X (2x)Y axes, servo motor driven Z-axis
• PCB Board Stopper mounted on routing unit
• Tool rack for interchangeable gripper fingers
• Camera Assisted Teaching System (CATS)
• Offline Programming
• UPS to protect the cell PC
• Ethernet connection
• ESD protected router and spindle with ESD brush
• Multi Gripper
• (2) Segment PCB Conveyor with automatic width adjustment
• Cell Statistic, possibility to export product statistics
• Touch Screen
• Vision camera system
• Router bit diameter verification
• Ionizer-SMC
• Output Flat Belt Conveyor
• Waste handling flat belt conveyor
• Cencorp 200 ASD industrial vacuum unit
• Dust removing control system
• Transformer Unit , US Electric 3 Phase, 208v, 60Hz
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: USA / FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate for purchase