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Agilent SP50 Series 3 SPI

Vintage:  2008

Solder Paste Inspection Machine


  • 240V – 50/60 Hz – Single Phase

Condition: “As is Where Is”

Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin

Availability:  Immediate for purchase

Agilent SP50 Series II Solder Paste Inspection Machine

Make: Agilent Technologies

Model:  SP50 Series II

Vintage:  2005


  • Automated Paste Inspection
  • Version 3.1.6, Windows 2000
  • Max PCB 20×20
  • 2D and 3D Inspection
  • 240vac

Condition:  Complete and operational

Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB

Availability:  Immediate for purchase

CyberOptics SE300 Ultra 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine

Vintage: 2008
Description: 3D Solder Paste Inspection
• 3D sensing system w/ built-in fiducial camera and lighting
• MicroPad Sensor
• Mechanical board stop
• Auto-width adjust conveyor
• Max PCB width: 20” x 20”
• Max inspection area: 20” x 19.5”
• Max pad size: 0.197” x 0.394”
• Paste height range: 2-14mils
• Height resolution: 0.005mils
• Measurement types: Height, Area, Volume, Registration, Bridge Detection
• Process Insight SPC software
• GC-PowerPlace Gerber and ODB++ file conversion software for off-line programming
• NIST-traceable measurement certification standard certified for height, area and volume
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: North America / FOB origin
Availability: Immediate for purchase

FocalSpot Verifier FSX-080 Xray Inspection System

Vintage: 2004
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
• Max board size: 16×18”
• Manual X/Y sample positioner: 16”x 18”
• Manual tilt
• Angled Viewing: 0-70°
• Inspection capabilities:
o Solder joint quality (BGA, leaded)
o Bridging
o Voiding
o Opens
Condition: Complete and operational
Location/Shipping: USA/FOB
Availability: Immediate

Koh Young 8030 3D SPI

Make: Koh Young

Model:  8030-3L

Description:  3D SPI

Vintage: 2010: upgrades done by the OEM in the past year

Operating system:  Windows7

Koh Young KY-8020T 3D Benchtop SPI

Description:  3DBenchtop SPI

Vintage:  2011


  • Windows XP Operating System
  • Software Version:  1.2.1206P06

Condition:  Complete & Operational

Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin

Availability:  Immediate for purchase