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Manncorp Leaded Wave Solder Machine

Configured with:
• Chip wave (installed but not functioning)
• Spray fluxer
• 3 bottom preheaters*
Solder pot is full of Leaded solder, and it will go with the machine.
*the 3rd bottom preheater is not working. The other 2 are working.
Condition: In use now in production. Available for inspection. System is in the condition as stated above.
Availability: Immediate for purchase.
Location/Shipping: USA

Technical Devices NU ERA CV4000 Wave Solder

Vintage: 2010
• Dual Wave Pots on (2) carts
• (1) RoHS, (1) Lead
• Comes with Foam Fluxer currently on machine, also has a Spray Fluxer
• 15.6 “ Process Width
• Forced Air Convection
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: USA/FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate for Purchase

Vitronics Soltec 6622CC Wave Solder

Model:  6622CC

Vintage:  2006


  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Lead Free capable (was running lead, and will need tin wash).
  • 18” max width adjust
  • Measured Values Read-out of Frequency controlled motors on PC screen
  • 400V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
  • Mix of V and L shaped fingers, 2V-L (in lieu of standard V-shaped fingers
  • Heavy duty 2mm thick fingers
  • Motorized conveyor width adjustment via PC-menu
  • Single Head Spray Fluxer
  • 3 Preheat Zones: Zone 1-Forced Convection, Zone 2- Forced Convection, Zone 3-Calrod long wave
  • Step up/Step down transformer included

Condition:  Complete and Operational

Location & Shipping:  TEXAS/ FOB Origin

Availability:  Immediate for purchase

Vitronics Soltec Delta 5 6622CC Wave Soldering System

Vintage:  2011

Operating System:  Windows based


  • Dual pot-Lead and Lead Free
  • Includes full pot of Lead Free –SN100C solder and Lead SN63/PB37 solder
  • Carbon Steel Solder pots with high temperature protective coating
  • Automatic solder addition for (2) solder bars
  • Double Wave – Includes: Main and Chipwave
  • 120mm long main wave
  • Extra safety sensors on locking pins of the sliding frame
  • Integrated frame for motorized solder roll out
  • Unload cart and storage cart
  • Solder exchange unit- Consists of (2) Solder pot exchange units and (1) extra solder pot (including pump unit and double wave former)
  • Solder level measurement by float with low level alarm
  • Valve for solder drainage (includes drain pipe)
  • Adjustable back plate by means of standard bolt
  • Separate Dross compartment
  • Automatic overheat switch off
  • Condition:  Complete & Operational.  Extremely low usage time

    Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin