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Comet/Fein Focus Fox-225.25 Xray

Model: Fox-225.25
Vintage: 2006
• Complete X-ray Protection Cabinet with Safety Interlocks
• 160 kV Microfocus Demountable Open X-ray Tube with Transmission Target True X-ray Intensity (TXI) Control for Beam Stability and Guaranteed Results Tri-field (9″ I 6″ I 4.5″) Image Intensifier with CCD Camera
• Ergonomic Workstation with 17″ Flat Screen Display Monitor, Keyboard, Joysticks and Mouse
• FEINFOCUS Graphical User Interface (FGUI) Including:
• WindowsrM Operating System Microprocessor X-Ray Controller
• FIP-600 Real-time Image Processing System
• Die Attach Void Calculation Analysis and Wire-sweep Analysis Modules Ethernet Connection & CD Read Write Drive
• High Resolution Color Ink Jet Printer
• 5-Axes Manipulation System with Software Controls (X, Y, Z, Tilt & Rotate Axes) 2D Encoder Measurement
FEINFOCUS Numeric Control (FNC) Automatic Door

Condition: Complete & Operational, PM done by OEM this year! Available for on-site inspection prior to shipping
Location & Shipping: USA / FOB origin
Availability: Immediate for purchase

Comet/Yxlon Cougar Xray System

Vintage: 2006
Operating System: Windows XP
• 160kV Open X-ray tube-High Power, Microfocus and Nanofocus Modes
Up to 10W of Power, Feature Recognition, Down to 300 Nanometers
• SMT configuration upgrade (includes):
Detector tile upgrade package for 140+ Degree Oblique Viewing
High Resolution DDD Image Chain Upgrade Package-Includes CMOS detector, 20” LCD
Monitor, 16-Bit FIP-600
CNC Capabilities upgrade
Motor Drive Detector Z-Axis Upgrade
Optical Camera for Sample Positioning
• Extended FGUI: Includes BGA and Void Calculation Analysis Operator, AVI Recorder
• True X-ray Intensity (TXI) Control
• Sample Tilt & Rotate Manipulation- n x 360 Degree Motorized Rotation, 45 Degree Manual Tilt and n x 360 Degree Motorized Rotation, 25 Degree Motorized Tilt
• Conical Target
• Beam Collimator
• Low Dose Radiation Mode
• Motor Driven Z (Detector) Axis
• Motor Driven Detector Tilt Axis (141 degrees of tilt)
• Rotational Sample Table (n x 360 degree Motorized Rotation)
• Laser Crosshair Positioning Aid
• Bar Code Scanner
• Line Matching Transformer
• UPS for System PC unit
• High Resolution Dual Field (4” / 2” ) Image Intensifier
• High Resolution Tri Field (9”, 6”, 4.5”) Image Intensifier
• Image Intensifier upgrade to 1308 Flat Panel Detector
• High Performance, High Bit Depth Capability Upgrade Package- Includes: Scientific Grade Camera, 20” LCD Monitor and 16-Bit FIP-600
• Color Printer
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: USA / FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate for purchase

Fein Focus FXS-160.40 X-ray

 Oblique Views at Highest Magnifications
 Tilt (60°) and rotate (360°) detector for inspection under different angles
 Large field of view for PCBs of up to 24″ x 24″ (61cm x 61cm)
 Easy positioning of the sample using on-screen camera image
 FEINFOCUS exclusive AIM ( Auto Isocentric Motion) Technology
 State-of-the-art real-time image processing
 Integrated anti-collision feature
 Particularly user-friendly
 X-ray program storage
 Modern, ergonomically designed operation console including flat screen monitor
 Full CNC capability
Condition: Complete and Operational, available for inspection prior to shipment
Location: North America
Availability: Immediate For Purchase

FocalSpot Verifier FSX-080 Xray Inspection System

Vintage: 2004
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
• Max board size: 16×18”
• Manual X/Y sample positioner: 16”x 18”
• Manual tilt
• Angled Viewing: 0-70°
• Inspection capabilities:
o Solder joint quality (BGA, leaded)
o Bridging
o Voiding
o Opens
Condition: Complete and operational
Location/Shipping: USA/FOB
Availability: Immediate

GE Nanotom–S :High accuracy Micro-Computed Tomography Xray & Measuring System

Make/Model:  GE Nanotom – S

Description: High accuracy micr-Computed Tomography Xray and measuring system

Vintage: 2011, with Upgrades 2013

Configuration:  Complete details available on request, too numerous for ad. Note: includes all items  to generate full CT imaging. (xray and reconstruction hardware and sw)

Condition:  Demo use only, never used in a production environment.  Available for inspection prior to shipment.

Availability:  Immediate

Location/Shipping:  USA/FOB origin

Actual machine picture:

Glenbrook RTX 113 X-ray

Vintage:  2013


  • 42”H x 42”W x 24”D
  • X and Y Movement
  • Tilt Option
  • Anode Voltage 35-52kV
  • Focal Spot 4-6 Inches
  • 120 Volt

Condition: 100% complete and operational (Can be demo’d or video sent showing it running)

Availability:  Immediate

Shipping:  FOB North America

Phoenix X-ray Package Analyzer 160

Model: Package Analyzer 160
Vintage: 2003
Description: X ray machine
• Software IA MIL6
• System Version 5.0 Analyzer
• Tube: 160kv (Transmissive tube)
• 220 Vac, 60 HZ,10 Amps
• Tilt/Turn Arm
Condition: Complete & Operational
Location & Shipping: USA / FOB Origin
Availability: Immediate for purchase/ 4-6 weeks for shipping

Viscom X 7056 RS X-ray System

Operating System:  Windows XP

Software Version:  7.46


Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin

Availability:  Immediate for purchase

VJ Electronix VJ-2000 2D Xray System

Vintage:  2001


  • 2D Xray
  • Rail System
  • Minimum Tilt feature
  • 130 KV Tube / Tube replaced 5 yrs ago

Condition:  Complete & Operational

Location & Shipping:  USA  / FOB Origin

Availability: Immediate for purchase

Yestech YTX-3000 X-ray System

Vintage: 2007
•    X-Ray Tube 130 Kv, 5 micron spot size with 39-watt max. output
•    Sample manipulator: 15”x 20”x 18” (380mm x 508mm x 457mm) x-y-z-theta programmable
•    indexing table with control module.
•    Variable zoom magnification to 120x.
Availability: Immediate
Condition: Complete and Operational, available for inspection prior to shipment (we can supply a video in lieu of on site inspection, if preferred).